Improve your SMS network performance with Store and Forward technology

SMS Store and Forward

Speedflow has recently released the newest version of the MediaCore solution. It has a lot of new features that make our platform up-to-date and increase its performance and reliability. One of the SMS platform’s features that we have implemented in version 4.8 is Store and Forward. According to our previous research, this option was in demand on the wholesale messaging market. Many MediaCore SMS customers needed it, so we decided to make this the priority in version 4.8.

Store and Forward is a message delivery method when the SMS is temporary stored by the messaging hub before its transmission to the recipient. Store and Forward option allows messaging carriers to deliver SMS even when the recipient’s network is not accessible at the moment. With this option enabled, wholesale messaging provider stores such SMS and retries delivery later when the outbound operator is available.

At first, this feature is notably helpful in long-distance messaging when there is no direct connection between operators. Secondly, if the system is running over capacity, it can be used for message delivery outside peak hours.

Thus, SMS Store and Forward option increases deliver ability and significantly raises the quality of service of the message switching network. MediaCore customers are welcome to take advantage of this value-added service and improve their market position.

It was not the only update in the new MediaCore release. Here you can find more information about the new features and improvements. Contact us to check the MediaCore demo and test our reliable SMS hubbing platform.


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