Introducing NexaMSG – new MediaCore SMS add-on

Discover the potential of text messaging using the features of NexaMSG, the new MediaCore SMS add-on.   

MediaCore SMS presents an intuitive approach to reaching your audience: a personalized, one-on-one conversation. With NexaMSG, you can finally break free from the confines of email and social media messaging.    

Thanks to user-friendly communication, staying in touch with your devoted customers is now a breeze.    

Send out timely notifications to your audience with the click of a button and personalize each message in a matter of minutes.     

Choose a complete mass text messaging service that provides all the features you need without compromising on simplicity for the sake of convenience when sending messages in bulk.   

Our user-friendly MediaCore SMS add-on NexaMSG makes it simple to monitor the success of your campaign and respond swiftly to any questions that may arise.   

For further information regarding our versatile payment alternatives and heightened security measures, please reach us via email at 


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