Let’s meet at WWC Madrid 2023

This September, from the 20th until the 22nd WWC Madrid is the place to be for everyone in the Telecom industry. Executives, the Director of Software Sales, the Voice and SMS Managers, and department heads from Speedflow will be present at this year’s Wholesale World Congress. Join us for an in-depth talk about anything and everything related to VoIP and SMS. 

Why WWC Madrid

1500 attendees 
500 companies 
82 countries 
Are you in? 
The Wholesale World Congress serves as a gathering place for the global telecommunications wholesale industry.

The World Wholesale Congress (WWC) is a comprehensive industry event that attracts participants from many sectors of the Wholesale Telecom space. These sectors include Tier 1, 2, and 3 carriers, mobile and wireless operators, internet service providers (ISPs), voice over IP (VoIP) providers, and technology partners operating in the voice, SMS, data, satellite, sub-sea, and fixed-line markets. 
Why meet with us at WWC Madrid 


Speedflow can provide the attendees with high-quality voice services such as A-Z Termination, VoIP Wholesale, VoIP Retail, CLI Routes, TDM Routes, Call Centre Traffic, and more due to its extensive experience in the telecom industry. SMS-based businesses can take advantage of our exclusive direct and SIM route agreements, robust A-Z SMS termination, and competitive Bulk SMS pricing. 

Last but not least, you can receive information regarding how our in-house developed Class 4 Softswitch can support you in expanding your Voice or SMS business. 

If you would like additional information or to schedule a meeting with our team at WWC, please contact us at info@speedflow.com. 


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