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MediaCore Goes Global - Speedflow - Telecom service providerSpeedflow has been developing its flagship VoIP and SMS software platform, the MediaCore SBC, for more than 11 years. Through that long period we have gained considerable experience and deep understanding of both the telecom industry and our customer needs. That is why we are constantly trying to improve our session border controller, its features and the user experience it provides. All that is a never-ending process of development. Therefore MediaCore updates are regularly being released. Our thorough insight helps us foresee telecom trends and implement them in the functionalities of MediaCore. What will be in demand tomorrow is what we are working on now.

Of course, there are many competitors on the market nowadays. But there were even more of them before. Technology advances by the minute, so the telecom leaders of the day may not be around tomorrow. What we are observing currently is how difficult it is when infrastructure vendors stop developing or supporting their products. That is one of the reasons why we want to keep our software up-to-date. Our experienced team provides fast installation procedure and data migration from any other softswitch or SBC that is not supported yet.

Long-term cooperation is one of Speedflow’s core values. We try to keep a constant contact with our MediaCore users and collect feedback about their experience with the SBC. The information helps us improve the softwitch tremendously. Our customers’ satisfaction is what makes us go forward. Moreover, providing them with a wide range of services additionally contributes to the establishment of stable partnerships. That is why we are proud to have lots of happy clients from all over the world .

If you want to get a combination of reliability, product quality and price, contact our team at and request a demo of the leading VoIP and SMS platform – MediaCore SBC.


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