MediaCore helps VoIP carriers to grow their business (Infographic)

VoIP Carriers Growth with mediaCore - Infographic

Today’s VoIP market is quite challenging and it’s not so easy for carriers to keep stable long-term growth. As per our research, these days, providers’ focus has shifted to the cost-effectiveness of operations. Flexibility, security, and business process optimization are also important.

To offer growth opportunities, the vendor should not only have a consistent product development roadmap but also communicate with clients and get their constant feedback.

MediaCore SBC removes barriers to business growth via a number of automation features, multi-protocol support, and various routing options. The breadth of routing control features allows carriers to encompass all revenue-generating possibilities that exist on the market at present. As a result, VoIP carriers are free to find and establish partnerships with any Tier 1, 2, and 3 providers, and process any type of traffic.

MediaCore also has an intuitive interface and powerful reporting and data visualization tools. These reports undoubtedly enable users to keep a close eye on their traffic.


The positive results from our last 12-month evaluation assure us that we are on the right track in developing our SBC. We have analyzed the recent MediaCore SBC users statistics and are pleased to share some highlights with you. You are welcome to read the infographic and see how MediaCore SBC helped our customers grow their VoIP business.

The document shows how MediaCore allows VoIP carriers to increase traffic, automate workflow, save time, and, afterwards, build the basis of sustainable long-term business growth.

Additionally, you can read the testimonials of our customers and our previous infographic about the MediaCore advanced routing features. They will help you to create a holistic picture of the platform. See all the benefits you can get with MediaCore!

If you’d like to get a demo contact us at Try MediaCore SBC by yourself, migrate to our advanced solution for VoIP carriers, and, finally, boost your business growth!

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