MediaCore SBC Increases your CC Traffic Capacity

Challenges in processing CC traffic are expected to intensify in the near future. As CC traffic typically exhibits a high volume of calls per second (CPS) and low average call duration (ACD), carriers often struggle to successfully process call attempts. To deal with high peaks of CC traffic, operators require an intelligent, high-capacity solution.

We have received dozens of requests from companies that use different softswitches and are struggling to stabilise infrastructure amidst CC traffic growth. We believe, with the rise in call-centre traffic, this will be an ongoing problem. Taking this into account, our development team has optimised MediaCore to ensure it supports current and future CC traffic needs.

The system’s enhanced routing mechanism ensures stability and reliability under pressure of high CPS and allows voice carriers to handle an abundance of call attempts with low ACD.

The virtualisation and load-balancing properties of the MediaCore solution also helps carriers extract the maximum potential out of the server-end of their operations, further reducing hardware expenses and easing traffic load.

With MediaCore SBC, VoIP businesses receive a powerhouse solution at the best price-quality ratio on the market.

Try MediaCore and face the future with an up-to-date VoIP network!

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