Time Saving Software: MediaCore Automation Features Boost Efficiency

efficient time managementThe line that separates success from failure in the VoIP business is often defined by the degree of efficiency with which carriers run their operations. Without trustworthy tools with automation capabilities, standard operations tend to lack a critical layer, which in turn means employees’ brainpower is wasted on trivial tasks.  A stable solution with functions that provide efficient time management through automation and shortcuts can not only boost profit for carriers. It can also stimulate and sustain growth in the long run.


We equipped MediaCore with automation-based functions, designed to save time for your team. Therefore, they can streamline their efforts into other aspects of your business that matter more.

MediaCore saves time in:

Routing Management

First of all, the platform gives managers a wide variety of options to automate route identification, selection and maintenance. This allows them to focus on what’s important: making sales and nurturing relationships with partners.

Billing Processes

Secondly, MediaCore automates and organises financial data, keeping your books in perfect order with minimal user engagement. Auto-generation of invoices and integrated logical shortcuts significantly reduce the steps—and time—needed for your employees in the management and accounting departments to perform the right actions.

Fraud Protection

MediaCore’s Guardian monitors routes and takes actions according to defined by the user parameters. With this sub-system, VoIP businesses can also unburden their technical support teams in their monitoring and quality assurance tasks.

Instant Analytic Reports

With MediaCore’s instant analytical reports, carriers can receive all the technical information quickly and efficiently. In addition, reports can help them identify and deal with potential profit potholes in a timely manner.

Call Quality Testing Portal

Finally, the MediaCore automated call quality testing portal saves time for your NOC team, helping them test new routes and detect FAS in a matter of seconds.

In conclusion, MediaCore is equipped with all the automation functionality needed to provide efficient time management, which boost carriers’ VoIP operations by as much as 60%!

Take advantage of these benefits and bring your business to the next level.

For more information about MediaCore’s full potential, contact our team at info@speedflow.com


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