Success Story: MediaCore SBC Saves 60% of Working Time

ICS LLCFor many years MediaCore SBC has been helping telecom companies around the world to grow their business and terminate traffic of great quality. ICS LLC, an international voice and SMS carrier with several direct terminations to mainly African destinations, is one of those proud MediaCore users. Today we have invited Mr. Elias Melky, Director of ICS LLC, and Mr. Brad Ladson, ICS LLC Sales Manager, to share with us more about their experience of using MediaCore. If you want to see how the Softswitch changed their business for the better, keep on reading.

What were the challenges you faced up before migrating to MediaCore?

Mr. Elias Melky: Before migrating to MediaCore, I have been trying all cracked switches like everyone else on the market does when starting their own business. Doing so, I have lost a lot of money. Unfortunately, I had to invest in several different kinds of switches due to inaccurate CDRs, faulty billing systems, hanged switches, easy-to-hack switches and so on. Every single time we had to start building our business all over again. And believe me, we put a lot of effort… But in the end, it was all for nothing, because of those hacks, false billing and low support of concurrent calls.

How did you find out about MediaCore?

Mr. Elias Melky: I have heard about MediaCore since it was first launched from Mr. Ako Gurjinyan and Mr. Vladimir Ellis, whom I had the pleasure to meet in person on several occasions. I really wanted to implement the MediaCore SBC and finally, I became a MediaCore licensed user. My business is stable now! I am not worried about hacks or billing issues. I am happy that there are people around proving 24/7 support and never say never on any of my requests.

Are there any MediaCore features you find particularly beneficial to your business?

Mr. Brad Ladson: Firstly, Routing is much more easily done with MediaCore than with any other platform. It allows you to adjust the routes and destinations the way you want. MediaCore also provides you with several routing options, which is something everyone is looking for to have.

Secondly, capturing packets is something everyone knows and needs to troubleshoot an issue with their client or vendor. I used to install third party software for that. MediaCore has it built in.

Last but not least, the thing that makes me feel most secure about our business operations is the incoming call path feature which is available in MediaCore. It shows you and let you learn about your routes and available ones too. Yet the dashboard provides you with a quick overview of what is happening – margins, top countries by minutes, top offers, top promotions etc.

What results did you get after migrating to MediaCore?

Mr. Brad Ladson: Sure MediaCore is now saving us at least 60% more time, a time that we definitely wasted with other switches. With MediaCore we can analyze data faster and have everything shown in one place. It helped us increase sales for sure and till now we have had exactly 0 technical issues. And the good thing is that the Guardian informs you about anything happening with your traffic, routes, rates changes and so on.

Mr. Elias Melky: Knowing the efforts and time you guys have invested in this MediaCore project, I can tell you it is not gone to waste. You have done a very good job. Special thanks to Mr. Gurjinyan and the MediaCore team.


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