MediaCore Release 4.6 – Bigger, Better, Brighter!

MediaCore Release 4.6After last week’s preview about the latest visual improvements in MediaCore, it is time to take a detailed look on the new version we have in store for you. With MediaCore 4.6 you can be sure there are plenty innovations to enjoy.

One of the most important improvements in the new MediaCore version is undoubtedly the routing option following the latest EU regulations and standards, in short – Origination-based Routing. With our EU routing, providers from all over Europe would be able to take advantage of optimal pricing for intercontinental calls.

Another exciting new feature is the Bulk SMS messaging which will be added in the latest version of our SBC. Empower your marketing campaigns with Bulk SMS and expand your target reach. Quick, personal, direct – what more can you ask for?

In the line of our SMS service upgrades, we are also very glad to add support of the second HLR lookup provider as well as SMPP session management option.

To top this all up MediaCore 4.6 will also introduce a ton of optimizations and bug fixes…in short – the best MediaCore you’ve ever experienced!

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