MediaCore Release 4.6. Video overview

MediaCore SBC release 4.6 is finally out and we cannot be more excited!!! We were thrilled about this new upgrade for months now. So when our sleepless developers told us they are on the finish line, we were quick to prepare a proper announcement. Now you can all enjoy our MediaCore 4.6 video and be the first to get a glimpse of our wonderful innovations!

Behold, the next step in the evolution of SBC platforms – MediaCore version 4.6! Speedflow invites you all to take advantage of a wide range of innovative improvements for your Voice and SMS services.

“We are excited to introduce the EU-based Routing, or so called Origination-based Routing in the upcoming MediaCore version 4.6. The new release allows you to overcome today’s VoIP challenges, especially on the EU market. We have enhanced our Visualization Tools, added some new graphs and diagrams into the system, some more stability and security options have been integrated on the platform.”

Right from the start you will be presented with our up-to-date visualization tools that provide essential business information. The 6 sections represent vital statistics and billing information ensuring you are always on top of things.

In the Call Charts section you can see Active calls for any given point in time.

Top 10 Targets and Top 10 Offers graphs are based on ASR analysis and help you keep the balance between your customers and suppliers.

Top 10 countries diagrams, grouped by Margin and by Minutes, provide great insights for your traffic and most important destinations.

Your Billing is considered a key component so you have a Credit Limit Check field to better manage your finances.

The SMS module became more usable and powerful. Our new SMPP session management tool allows you to view all active SMPP sessions conveniently. So users can always have the clear picture of SMS activity and manage it in few clicks.

The Single and Bulk SMS messages sending option is also available in the new MediaCore release. It helps to test SMS vendors and allows the execution of SMS marketing campaigns.

Our advanced reporting mechanism has also been enhanced. From now users can take advantage of complete HLR Report that shows the cost of successfully performed HLR requests.

“You are welcome to contact The Speedflow Team directly or meet us at the upcoming Dubai conferences – GITEX and GCCM, to find more about the MediaCore session border controller… Discover Speedflow!”


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