MediaCore Rent Offer: Solution for High Volumes of CC Traffic

CC traffic

The volume of CC traffic is rising. The expansion has created many new opportunities for wholesalers and big telecoms. To seize them, they need a high-capacity Softswitch that can handle large volumes of Calls per Second (CPS) and low Average Call Duration (ACD).

Speedflow Communications is delighted to announce the availability of a new MediaCore SBC special rent offer. The offer is designed to help carriers and operators meet and exceed the demands of processing large volumes of CC traffic. It allows carriers and operators to choose among a range of CC traffic processing capacity options and gives them the freedom to select their own hosting option. Speedflow offers packages, from 1000 to 4000 simultaneous calls, capable of handling 75-300 calls per second—this translates to over 1 million calls during peak time.

MediaCore SBC is a carrier-grade platform that delivers comprehensive VoIP routing, advanced billing, voice transcoding, and H.323 and SIP protocol support. One of MediaCore’s key features is its Revenue Assurance mechanism, The Guardian. It gives users complete control in defining their anti-fraud perimeters and action controls. Our 24/7 software technical support and online training are included in the rent price as usual.

In addition, Speedflow can offer a wide variety of high-quality and cost-effective CLI CC routes that will meet the needs of any customer.

Please contact us at to get a demo and learn how our market-leading solution can help you deal with high volumes of CC traffic.


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