VoIP Startups – MediaCore Helps Emerging Companies Enter the Market

Class 4 softswitch that helps emerging companies to enter the market

A key premise for success in VoIP industry is setting up an infrastructure capable of covering the full scope of a business vision. Most of VoIP and SMS start-ups should ask themselves few questions regarding their first Class 4 Softswitch. What infrastructure will help emerging companies enter the market and sustain consistent business growth? Will it enable them to shift direction easily to respond to industry changes?

Here you can review our practical tips, based on real use cases of our loyal customers.

All-in-one VoIP and SMS Solution

Firstly, a major challenge for start-ups is the market doesn’t have many full-package functionality switches for an affordable price—functionality that includes switching, routing, billing and security. This forces them to compile infrastructure consisting of several cheaper or free-license platforms. And this is not ideal, as, often, infrastructure consisting of different systems lacks cohesion, slowing down or complicating daily operational tasks.

Price-performance ratio

Another challenge is related to capacity. Emerging companies are often put off to buying switches that have high performance because of the price. A good VoIP softswitch does not restrict operations by limiting the traffic that carriers can process. It’s important to have enough capacity and plenty of routing options to deal with any traffic without issues. This expands the pool of potential partners significantly.

Migration and initial configuration

The MediaCore migration process does not disrupt day-to-day operations. Speedflow engineers deal with all time-consuming aspects and can help with system configuration so the customer can get a completely ready-to-use system.

Once the MediaCore is installed, the customer will receive all needed tutorials and manuals. A member of our technical team will guide you and through them and will assist with any questions you might have. Despite its wide functionality, our VoIP softswitch has a user-friendly interface, making it extremely easy and straightforward to learn.


MediaCore is an ideal VoIP softswitch for start-ups and emerging companies to enter the market, exceeding common feature requirements and leaving big room to facilitate movement towards growth within the VoIP sector. In addition, Speedflow offers a number of packages, hosting options and flexible payment plans to accommodate businesses with different requirements.

MediaCore has helped many of our partners expand their VoIP operations, you are welcome to read their stories here.

To learn more about the MediaCore Softswitch, contact a member of our software sales team at info@speedflow.com.


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