MediaCore helped Vodatel to Boost their Voice and SMS Business


Vodatel PTE LTD is a Singapore based telecom services provider with offices in Dubai. Since 2008, they have been providing professional turnkey services and solutions in various segments of telecommunication. Oussama Naous, Chief Operation Officer of Vodatel, shared his opinion on the MediaCore SBC and told us how they had grown their business with our platform.

First of all we were looking for a solution to which we could migrate easily and quickly. As we learned about the MediaCore and contacted Speedflow, we immediately received a professional approach from Speedflow account manager, who pushed our decision to be fast and rapid and we didn’t try or consider any other solutions. We were looking for a friendly and easy web interface with opportunity of a fast start up in order to catch the available opportunities. Our aim was to have low CAPEX/OPEX in order to achieve a profitable business case. And this is exactly what we have found with the MediaCore.

The most important feature for us in the MediaCore is System Modularity, which helps to add the required module when you need it, like SMS module, auto test module, etc. Also all VOIP business requirements are included into the provided service. And with the great SLA hosting service and 24/7 available support at Speedflow, there is no need to have a large organization – You can simply feel safe anytime.

Our main achievement with the MediaCore was the fast startup. Our switch environment has been setup in just one day with minimum license. In under two months we succeeded to have new clients. Inspired by the big traffic volume we decided to have an upgrade and we did it just with one click.

The full support provided by Speedflow organization is a trusted trademark for them. This assistance started early with the Sales Team, Account Manager and Technical Support. It was clear for us that we can trust Speedflow in growing our business, even when it streamlined in Voice and SMS.



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