MediaCore SMS: HTTP Protocol Expands Your Business Capacity

HTTP protocol

In today’s digitalised world, business growth is often reliant on technological capacity. For SMS carriers, in particular, a large chunk of this capacity for business growth is provided by their softswitch. This is why it is important to have the right one, else a lot of available opportunities would be passed. To cover the full spectrum of business opportunities in the SMS sector, carriers should rely on a softswitch that supports multiple protocols.

One such great opportunity for profitable partnerships is presented by companies that provide SMS services to their end-users via HTTP protocol.

Two things spring to mind when we talk about SMS services over HTTP. First, such services are much easier to implement than SMPP, for example. This has urged many companies to rely on HTTP to provide their end-users with tailored SMS services in a bid to increase their customer retention. And second, HTTP’s APIs flexibility means better security as well. Because of these reasons, messaging services using HTTP are rising in popularity, and are there for carriers should they wish to expand their operations.

With a solution that supports multiple protocols, they can partner with such companies and acquire their retail traffic. There is another advantage of such a course of action too. As retail traffic is close to the origination point, carriers are enabled to seek short termination routes and if they succeed, they put themselves in pole position to control the quality of the traffic that passes through their networks. And this adds up to a good reputation in the field and higher revenue!

Another reason to use a softswitch that supports HTTP protocol is big mobile operators, who have also taken note of the advantages of providing messaging services over HTTP, mainly because it gives them strengthened security. Thus, carriers who wish to work with them should be prepared to meet these requirements beforehand.

MediaCore SMS supports multiple protocols, allowing carriers to receive messages over HTTP and convert them into SMPP data packets, enriching their partnership options as a result. MediaCore SMS does not limit carriers. It is a scalable, flexible, high-performance SMS platform at an affordable price!

Try MediaCore SMS and expand your capacity for growth in the SMS sector!

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