MediaCore Supports All Major Protocols and Codecs

MediaCore Transcoding

VoIP protocols are a group of technologies that make calls possible over the internet in the form of data packets sent from one IP to another. A variety of protocols have been developed to serve different purposes, from transmission of voice calls to sending of fax messages and SMS. Several VoIP protocols, such as SIP and H.323, are the dominant choice today. To cover all requirements of the VoIP business, it is a good practice to use a softswitch that supports multiple protocols and codecs and can convert them.  Such Softswitches do not limit carriers to establish networks which consist of any type of traffic and destinations  geography.

In recent months, many potential customers have approached us to ask us about MediaCore’s protocol and codec capability.

MediaCore is a carrier-grade Softswitch that supports multiple SMS and VoIP protocols and codecs. For voice traffic, MediaCore enables transmission of calls via SIP 2.0 (RFC 3261, RFC 4566), H.323 v6 (H.245 v13, H.225 v6) and T.38 fax relay protocols. For SMS traffic, MediaCore uses SMPP v3.4 and HTTP—the latter of which enables carriers to work with big mobile operators and small operators with own retail traffic. Among the supported VoIP codecs are g729 (a,b, ab), g723 (5.3, 6.3), g711 (u-law, a-law) and GSM FR.

Multi-protocol capability gives MediaCore a central role in the establishment of solid networks of voice and SMS traffic. It enables carriers to freely and safely navigate the VoIP and SMS landscape, and, via a transcoding function and scalability of features, gives them a global coverage. The platform has ingrained features that take into account global traffic regulations and existing pricing discrepancies, such as AB routing, jurisdictional routing and automatic invoice generation for accurate billing, and more.

To learn how you can tackle today’s VoIP and SMS reality with ease, test the MediaCore softswitch and get to know the features that set the platform apart from other options on the market!

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