MediaCore v.4.8.1 is here and it was worth the wait

MediaCore v.4.8.1

We are pleased to announce the launch of the latest version of MediaCore: v.4.8.1

The most recent update makes changes to both the Voice and SMS platforms. These changes improve the overall performance of carriers and indicate new business opportunities.

In the light of a deep and detailed analysis of the VoIP and SMS industry in today’s environment, we made improvements regarding the switch stability for both Voice and SMS, in addition to:

– Report “Time Period” validation improvements

– SOA report stability improvements

– XDR Generation MCC MNC fields support

For Voice improvements, we added a functionality regarding Termination point AB Restrictions, along with a “Combine by Country and Point” filter in the reports for Incoming calls, as well as Outgoing calls.

Equally important SMS updates we made:

– SMPP over SSL protocol (TLS encryption)

– Fragmented packets support

– SMPP v.3.4 query_sm support

We have also fixed bugs and made some other small improvements. This makes MediaCore v.4.8.1 resilient and more effective than ever. The new release gives users freedom and flexibility in how they manage their voice and messaging traffic.

Partners who want to update their system to the latest version of the Softswitch, please contact the support team.


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