MediaCore Testimonial by ETS Premium

MediaCore VoIP platform testimonial by ETS

MediaCore VoIP platform testimonial by ETSSpeedflow is always proud to receive positive feedback from VoIP carriers who chose the MediaCore SBC as their VoIP softswitch and billing platform. This time we want to share a story of ETS Premium – a Canadian provider of telecom services and engineering solutions. They have been using our MediaCore SBC since February 2020. Lately, we spoke to Oussama Naous, CEO and Director of ETS Premium, and discussed their experience with our VoIP software platform. You are welcome to read the interview below.

Hello Oussama! Please let us know why did you choose the MediaCore? How many solutions did you consider? 

We considered two solutions. We selected MediaCore due to flexibility and pricing. The advantage was the options to start with a minimal cost, and then grow up based on the exact needs. This flexibility is working in both ways upgrading and downgrading license, based on your real needs.

What can you say about the implementation process?

We needed a quick setup and full support from the provider. And our supplier, Speedflow, provided this aspect and delivered an immediate rollover and a smooth startup.

Please list three main benefits of the partnership with Speedflow.

MediaCore offers many benefits. First of all, as I mentioned, we like its pricing flexibility. Secondly, the availability of a 24/7 support team is very important for us. Furthermore, they are real experts! Finally, we admit a family spirit from the Speedflow team toward all their partners.

Please summarize in a few sentences the results you achieved with the help of the MediaCore SBC. 

We succeed in positioning our business in the VOIP market during a short period. We know that our way still long and hard, but we are relaxed because we are quite sure that Speedflow is factual support for us!

What will be your message to all potential MediaCore customers?

I strongly recommend MediaCore VoIP platform for the startup companies, and the existing companies are willing to migrate into a supportive environment and committed service provider.

Thanks, Oussama. All the best for your company!


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