voip servicesA third anniversary of Pay-n-Get Processing System developed by the experts of our company will be celebrated this year. A short period of time, but in respect of information technology product it is a whole page in history. And it is a good occasion to tell about its use-proven capabilities.

Pay-n-Get is an original solution of Speedflow Communications for pre-paid services. What does it mean? Every time when you look for a vending machine or a street vendor in order to replenish your mobile phone account or internet service provider account you face some processing system. In Ukraine people use our Pay-n-Get Processing System every third time on average in such cases not knowing about it.

Dear colleagues,We would like to congratulate all of you with springtime holiday Easter Day! We wish this holiday brings into your houses the real gladness and happiness, fill your soul with warm and your heart with joy!Happy Easter! Speedflow Speedflow

There is no secret that today the telecommunication market endures not the easiest time. Especially in VoIP wholesale, were no more than one year back occurred the booming development and new companies appeared daily.

Today we observe the inverse picture - many many companies are closed, minimize their activity or simply disappear. At the same time certain parts of companies continue to progress.

Dear colleagues!

Under the terms of world crisis, security issues gained new and vital importance. All the participants of VoIP market understand that swindles can threaten their business more than ever before.

The only effective weapon in this case is the information which will keep you aware of people and companies who are not reliable to deal with. Having united our efforts we can provide full list of cheatings which took place and, henceforth, warn each other.