Speedflow at GCCM Almaty 2023

GCCM Almaty 2023

The 6th annual event of GCCM Almaty 2023 will be held on September 5th and 6th at Rixos Hotel in Almaty, Kazakhstan, and our team is thrilled to attend it.  

About GCCM Almaty 2023


The Rixos Hotel in Almaty will become home to the 6th annual CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States) 2023 Global Carrier Community Meeting (GCCM) on September 5 and 6.    

The CIS GCCM Almaty 2023 is going to bring together over 350 Club Members, including Tier-1, Tier-2, and Tier-3 decision-makers from over 30 countries for an annual conference in Almaty.  


Reasons to attend

The market is a harsh place for companies that ignore change. Telecommunications firms should make the most of their resources and competitive advantages as they currently stand

Speedflow’s focus has always been on delivering quality VoIP and SMS traffic exchange services. We can and we will supply you with premium telecom services tailored to your company’s requirements:

Call Centre Traffic, Short Message Service (SMS), CLI Routes, TDM Routes, Wholesale VoIP, Retail VoIP, A-Z Termination and more.

In light of this point, feel free to talk about anything related to VoIP with our agents. Or how we can assist you in reaching the pinnacle of your profession.  

The GCCM Almaty event will bring together partners from many sectors within the Telco Ecosystem, including Data, Voice, SMS Messaging, Mobile, VAS, Submarine, ISP, Data Centres, and other relevant areas.  


See you at GCCM Almaty 2023, in Kazakhstan.    


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