Speedflow Half-Year Review – Word from the CEO

Speedflow CEO - Vlad EllisHello and welcome to the last part of our half-year video reviews! After we got some interesting insights from the Software and SMS Teams, it was only logical that we wrap it all up with the Man behind the wheel – CEO Vlad Ellis.

Watch our review as Vlad evaluates the first half of the year and shares his expectations about the rest of 2016. Contact us for partnerships and interconnections today and grow with Speedflow!

Interviewer: Hello Vlad!

Vlad: Hello!

I: Looking back at it, how would you rate the first 6 months of this year?

V: First six months of this wonderful year were both challenging and successful. Talking about challenges, the biggest one we faced was EU/Non-EU regulations for the calls coming in. The biggest success with it is that we are ready, our Telecom Team was ready for that and we’ve provided our software clients with solutions to tackle these issues.

I: Talking about challenges, what are your expectations and targets for the rest of 2016?

V: The biggest challenge for the rest of the year will be keeping the momentum that we have. What we target in the Telecom market is to implement the deepest integration of these EU/Non-EU regulations. For the Software, it will be to provide solutions to the customers which meet their demands.

I: Thank you for your time!

V: Thank you!


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