Speedflow On The Road Again – Aloha Hawaii, Aloha PTC 2016

Speedflow going to PTC 2016

With warm wishes for a great and fruitful 2016, the Speedflow Team is excited to start the eventful year at one of the most exciting places – Pacific Telecommunications Council (PTC) in Honolulu, Hawaii, 17-20 January.

PTC has proven to be one of the top events in the Asia-Pacific region and growing its audience each edition of the event. Professionals from all over the world gather to discuss the latest news in the telecommunication and informational technology fields.

As an experienced player in the telecom industry, this year Speedflow will largely rely on experience and traditions so anyone interested can expect a stellar presentation of our VoIP and SMS services including A-Z Termination, Wholesale and Retail VoIP, CLI Routes, SMS Termination and much more. And with the dawn of the 8th birthday of our most popular software solution – the MediaCore – you can be sure there will be many nice surprises.

Come to PTC 2016 and meet Speedflow – start the new year with a great partnership! To arrange a meeting please contact Nina Moina at ninel@speedflow.com


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