Success Story – Expanding the iConnect business with MediaCore SBC


Getting good feedback about your services is always flattering and we do enjoy keeping a constant connection with our partners. So today we have another happy client we want to tell you about. We managed to sit down with Muhammad Ali Kiani, Director of iConnect LTD, who was kind enough to share some opinions on the MediaCore SBC they have been using for a while.

– How do you find your MediaCore experience with Speedflow so far?

It’s so good and so amazing. We call this software “the dream software” for VoIP trading and business.

Routing and switching happen in just a few clicks. The MC support and developing teams are very cooperative and friendly and they can do any modification as per your business needs. There hasn’t been a time, night or day, when they weren’t there to help.

– What can you say about your work with AccuCore ERP system?

We really enjoy the AccuCore ERP Tool. It has been an immense support for our business and helped us greatly in optimizing our operations.

– How would you say our MediaCore platform helped your business?

MediaCore has provided us with a highly ascendable and reliable solution which allows us to meet our goals for operational efficiencies. At the same time it has proven to be a very specialized, yet flexible software that is able to accommodate our continually evolving business needs.

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