The Guardian Shields from Fraudulent Schemes

Fraud costs VoIP service providers over $2 billion every year. For a provider, real-time route monitoring followed by a swift response to suspicious traffic can mean the difference between making a profit and sustaining a substantial loss. Softswitch Revenue Assurance systems such as The Guardian provide real-time supervision and automatic, user-defined control of traffic, so fraud schemes are eliminated in their bud, before they inflict any losses.


The Guardian is MediaCore’s fully customisable, integrated revenue assurance module. It has the following profit-protection functions:

Custom events

With the Guardian, users can create specific rules (events) for traffic according to defined conditions. TP/OP, Destination, Calls, ASR and ACD are the basic traffic characteristics taken into consideration for every event.

Users can also configure advanced fraud traffic detection rules according to TP/OP price and traffic groups—this is very useful to identify specific unwanted traffic, for example short calls.

The Guardian also offers multiple conditions-setting for each event, and prioritisation of events according to level of importance.

Custom actions

When pre-set conditions for an event are met, i.e. a problematic route is found, the system takes an action according to the specified by the user action tree.
Here is how it works. By default, the Guardian sends a warning/report when an event is triggered. It then generates a trouble ticket with all the necessary technical information about the problem. Users can configure the Guardian, so it automatically or manually notifies their partner.

The problematic route is then locked by the system, either automatically or with user confirmation. Conditions can be set to reopen the route following a specified timeout in order to test it again. If it fails after the test, it is closed to prevent profit loss.

TT Registry

The Guardian offers a detailed registry of generated trouble tickets. Functions like generation, sending and notifications can be fully customised by the user. The registry allows users to assess their fraud protection level and identify the weak spots in their system.

TTs can also be created in HTML format, which allows direct upload onto a dedicated online page if needed.

Simple and Advanced Settings

The system accommodates users with all levels of knowledge and experience via two modes of customisation: simple and advanced.

Simple Guardian can be configured in a matter of minutes via automatisation of choices. Our Guardian Wizard helps users get the needed protection as well as gets them up to speed with how the system works.

Advanced settings allow users to set specific conditions and events to weed out specific types of fraud and provide a sturdier, more controlled protection of the infrastructure. Advanced settings give Guardian users adaptability that reflects the latest evolution of VoIP fraud, so carriers will not become vulnerable to them.

User-friendly reporting

The Guardian has a detailed, transparent log database, where users can follow every action applied by the system in real-time. Users can review past and current events and change conditions according to the latest developments.

The Guardian comes with proven track record of protecting our partners’ revenue. It is the MediaCore sub-system that ensures the profit remains where it is supposed to: with the providers.

If you are experiencing profit loss because of fraud, please contact us at software@speedflow.com. Our representatives will answer all your questions about our revenue assurance software.