Updated Reporting Tools in the new MediaCore SBC 4.6.1.

Meet MediaCore SBC rel. 4.6.1The latest version of the MediaCore SBC comes with enhanced Reporting features to offer VoIP and SMS Wholesale providers more detailed information about their traffic and operations in just a few clicks. The better the analyzation tools you have, the better the quality of service you provide. That’s why we always optimize and update MediaCore Report tools, making them more informative for all staff, including managers, executives and technicians.

What’s new?

Network Efficiency Ratio (NER)

This convenient parameter is added to reports to measure the ability of a network to deliver a call to the called terminal. How? The algorithm for calculating NER takes into consideration the following call indicators: Answer calls, User Busy, Ring no Answer, Terminal, Rejects, and Seizures.

Call log

You can now take advantage of the Incoming/Outgoing calls log. It’s possible to get a call dump after clicking on the Call Log button. There are 3 options: Incoming, Outgoing, Both.

Grouped Active Calls

When reviewing active calls, this new features makes it possible for the users to group them by Origination Point or Termination point (OP/TP).

Callback Percentage

This option is added to Incoming/Outgoing calls to indicate the exact percent of successful calls for Call Center Traffic. This new feature is extremely useful, because it optimizes the work with call center traffic.

Enhanced Performance

Last but not least, we want to stress that the general performance of our reports has also been increased. We have optimized the processing of the most frequent requests (Incoming, Outgoing, and Financial Summary).

MediaCore SBC is constantly evolving only to ensure the high quality of your VoIP and SMS Wholesale business experiences. Enjoy the new features!

If you have any more inquiries, do not hesitate to contact our software team at info@speedflow.com



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