What is SMS Scaling and Why is it Important?

Last updated: December 08, 2022
Nowadays messaging industry is experiencing significant transformation. In this article, you can read how important SMS scaling is in the SMS traffic business. It will help you to understand how scaling adapts SMS carriers to current reality and how SMS platforms can help achieve this goal.

What is a business scaling in general?

Scaling is a process by which the company can increase sales and revenue without substantial growth in expenses and resources. It helps companies to move their business to the next level. Scalability means not only development itself but also its maintenance once the growth is achieved.

Importance of scaling your business 

Scalability permits a business to grow without being limited by its structure or resources.

As a company’s sales volume rises, it can maintain or boost its efficiency.

First of all, scaling makes businesses more competitive and allows companies to optimize costs. Secondly, it is a crucial step for start-ups and small companies to sustain and win a wider market share. Finally, as opposed to business growth, scaling helps to reach an exponential increase.

Of course, in different businesses scaling plays a different role. Let’s review why the scaling process is so important in the SMS traffic business and how and up-to-date wholesale messaging platform can grow the SMS business.

Why do you need to scale your business?

To answer the question “Why scale your business?” is enough to say that  Scaling promotes growth! Scaling is all about doing more with what you already have.
As your business grows, so will your customer base. This may mean you need more resources and a bigger team.
Your company’s effectiveness may be in danger if it can’t handle a rush of new clients and data without adding staff and other resources to match.
If your employees and business as a whole are inefficient, it will hurt your company’s reputation, which will make it harder to talk to customers.

It may seem obvious that the tastes and preferences of buyers are not static. A product or service that is in high demand today may not be a necessity in the future. Or better versions of the same may be available in the coming days.  The implication is that if you do not adjust your business operations in line with the current demand in the market, you may not meet the expectations of your customers. Current trends will also impact the tastes and preferences of different buyers, and that is something you cannot afford to overlook.  Embracing scalability allows you to adjust your business activities so you can meet the requirements of both potential and existing clients.

You must first establish a system and procedures that will facilitate expansion before you can scale. Your company may struggle to keep up with the increasing demand if these procedures and systems are lacking. Both a proper system and simplified procedures can help you achieve:

Reduced cost of labour:

The cost of labour is decreased by using a system. By using process automation, your company can save time and effort by eliminating the need to manually perform repetitive operations. Technology has already resolved this problem. It’s crucial that no mistakes be made. And you can get by with a smaller staff.

Faster problem detection and resolution:

A little issue in marketing might balloon into a major one over time. In order to prevent a little issue from spiraling out of control, it helps to have mechanisms in place that can deal with it efficiently and effectively. Consequently, with the aid of systems, you may respond rapidly and solve issues efficiently.

Scaling the wholesale messaging business

Messaging industry is dynamic and tends to profit decrease per one SMS. At the same time, we can see a dramatic growth in A2P messaging. As far as the marginality of the SMS traffic business is low, it’s vital to scale the business and reach high traffic volumes. As a result of the market transformation, messaging providers will be looking for opportunities to scale their SMS traffic business.

Reliable messaging infrastructure is a key to business scaling. There are various components, which can help messaging carriers succeed in scaling. For example, there is a stable SMS Softswitch, which can process growing volumes of traffic, accurate billing, a range of automation tools, etc.

We can see a similar trend in other related industries. So, scalability in the messaging business is important in adjusting to changes in the overall telecommunications market. The ability of the SMS carriers not only to adapt to these changes but take advantage of them is one of the key factors in determining their success.

How MediaCore can scale SMS traffic business

SMS traffic businesses need a reliable solution to operate in the new reality. Why is MediaCore the right solution to help them? First of all, it offers a top level of flexibility. We developed MediaCore as a turnkey SMS traffic solution that automates and optimizes all business processes. As a result, it allows providers to increase their business without notable growth of resources. MediaCore SMS packages can be increased on demand. In most cases, we can update the license without adding new hardware.

MediaCore SMS platform has a proven track record of increasing traffic and margin and scaling the wholesale messaging business. Feel free to read the success stories of our clients.

SMS carriers are welcome to try the MediaCore messaging platform. They can start with a small package and see how it opens the door to business growth and scaling. Contact us to learn more and get the MediaCore demo.


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