Class 4 Softswitch: How to Make the Right Business Choice?

The right Softswitch for your business needs

The VoIP sector is expanding, and there are several types of VoIP solutions available to keep businesses going. One of the truly essential solutions in this spectrum of too many alternatives is the Class 4 Softswitch solution. Evidently, Class 4 Softswitch solutions are available in a variety of configurations and the feature set varies, depending on the vendor.

For this purpose, in this article, we assembled a short, but informative list with very important features to look for. We want to help you make the right choice significantly easy.  For example, some of the most frequent and essential features include scalability, licensing options, a revenue assurance mechanism, and an integrated billing system.

Examine the capabilities of the Class 4 Softswitch: The Softswitch solution should be scalable to meet the demands of your VoIP business.  

This means the ability to handle several calls simultaneously as well as the overall number of calls per second. This is crucial to verify since it will determine how you will manage wholesale call volume. Most important, it must be a large number so that you can easily support your business operations.   

Furthermore, MediaCore SBC scalability allows VoIP operators to process the needed number of concurrent calls thanks to the cluster configuration.   

Here are a few specifications, for example:   

  • Average time of a single call routing: 0,001-0,002 seconds   
  • 1500+ Calls Per Second (CPS)   
  • 30000 concurrent calls   
Integrated Billing System: point often overlooked.

Purchasing a separate billing system would be an added hassle for clients, for one thing.  As a result, you should select a system that includes a billing module.Unquestionably, you’ll save money and time looking for an appropriate billing system for your Softswitch separately.  

MediaCore’s billing mechanism delivers flexibility, automation, and comprehensive financial analysis. Several tools, including structured reports, call statistics, diagrams, and charts, are incorporated into the system to help carriers effortlessly monitor VoIP and SMS traffic between their service providers.   

 Here is a list of what the billing function provides:   

  • Multi-currency   
  • CDR’s   
  • Automatic invoice generation   
  • VAT accounting   
  • Payment calendar   
  • Loop detection   
  • API for integration of third-party ERP, CRM, CMS, OSS/BSS software   
  • Generated reports and statistics based on ACD/ASR/PDD/NER   
  • Comprehensive financial analysis   
Revenue assurance- having an autonomous system that detects fraud schemes and protects against losses is vital.

Fraudulent schemes are growing more complex, resulting in massive revenue losses for VoIP companies.   

The Guardian– Our Revenue Assurance Mechanism, integrated into the MediaCore Solution, analyzes VoIP traffic to limit the risk of fraud and revenue loss. With this purpose in mind, It does this through the use of proactive algorithms. If Guardian detects any unusual changes, it immediately contacts the technical support. Another key point – because time is of the essence, Guardian allows you to react immediately and to either block or manually inspect the destination.   

Licensing options that are most cost-effective for you  

Speedflow provides simple MediaCore SBC license choices to ensure that any telecom provider may find one that works for them. For that reason we offer our partners three options:   

  • Firstly: Hosted MediaCore- a flexible and convenient option. Customers pay month to month with no need to invest in hardware or software.   
  • Secondly: Rental MediaCore option-the most affordable class 4 Softswitch licensing option. VoIP wholesale providers pay for the software license only. If they have their own servers or already rent servers, the MediaCore rental solution is a suitable option.   
  • Thirdly: One-off purchase option-users may pay the price of the class 4 Softswitch and obtain a perpetual license. Then VoIP carriers can use their MediaCore SBC without additional cost.   


When it comes to the success of any business, making the right decision is of the utmost importance, after all.   

All things considered, as a Class 4 Softswitch, MediaCore SBC ensures a stable and secure VoIP call termination. Surely, it is an affordable investment that guarantees the smooth, intelligent, and efficient transmission of voice packets. Subsequently putting control over call traffic back in the hands of VoIP carriers.  

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