MediaCore v. 4.7 is Faster, Better and Smarter

MediaCore v. 4.7

New release is out! Speedflow Team is delighted to share visual presentation of the latest upgrades implemented into the softswitch. MediaCore v. 4.7 opens new business horizons. The upgraded Softswitch gives carriers the smoothest and most flexible experience in managing their Voice and SMS affairs.

This MediaCore is faster, better and smarter! Speedflow constantly strive to improve our Class 4 Softswitch by implementing changes that make sense from a business perspective.

“Our Team is delighted to introduce the new MediaCore v. 4.7 and open new vistas for partners and new customers!” said Konstantin Vykhristenko, Head of Marketing.

Another key point is that in the new MediaCore is the implementation of an HTTP protocol support capability. This opens the door for SMS carriers to generate an additional revenue channel especially by establishing new partnerships with smaller SMS providers who use HTTP API.

Besides, new customers are also welcome to take advantage of our latest MediaCore special offer. Basically, every new MediaCore licence purchase will be accompanied by two gifts of choice until the end of 2019:

• Up to 12 months of free technical support
• Up to 50% increased capacity for every license

Purchase our Class 4 Softswitch and equip your voice or SMS businesses with the best tool to face future challenges with ease.

For a more elaborate explanation on how the changes interact with your voice and SMS business, please contact


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