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Softswitch class 4 Mediacore Release 2.18

Speedflow Communications is pleased to introduce the new MediaCore Softswitch customer from Australia. Innovative IT Pty Ltd is the rapidly growing Australian telecom provider. We are happy that they chose the MediaCore Softswitch as their platform for VoIP wholesale services. Our presence in Australia is very important as VoIP industry is highly developed in this region.

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Speedflow Communications is pleased to make a HOT OFFER. CallMax Softswitch is available at new price. Moreover, Speedflow offers flexible interest-free installment plan. Take advantage of this opportunity and buy multifunctional Class 5 Softswitch on beneficial terms. Speedflow Communications also gives FREE TRIAL PERIOD before buying CallMax Softswitch. You can test it before making your final decision.

Speedflow Communications implemented new feature in Pay-n-Get processing system. From now automatic invoice generation is available for our clients.

Invoices are generated and sent to the client automatically. Dealer sets billing period and invoices are created at the end of every period. All invoices are customized and contain company details and logo. If it is necessary, the system can calculate taxes and include them in the invoices. Invoices are sent to the client by e-mail in established format.

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Speedflow Communications is happy to introduce you the new model of mobile POS terminal for the Pay-N-Get processing system.

The main advantage of the new terminal for Pay-N-Get processing system is the possibility to use LAN-connection (local internet connection). It can also be equipped with optional Wi-Fi modem.