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Speedflow offers its customers the upgraded web-interface of MediaCore Softswitch after the system routine update to the release of 2.12.

The new interface development is an intermediate stage for updated Softswitch version, the release of which is scheduled in September 2010. The new version will distinct considerably from the previous ones.

VoIP Software Road Map

Market development brings new trends and sets interesting tasks in software development. These challenges are dictated by changing market infrastructure and high level of its members’ trainings.

Participation of Speedflow Software Development Department in ITW 2010 conference was a landmark for our specialists. In the course of communication with the partners we have managed to collect a lot of requests and feedback on our work. We thank our colleagues for their appreciation of our achievements. In this article we will try to generalize Your requirements and our professional ambitions in a single plan of action for further development of a Speedflow software product line for VoIP realm.

The majority of VoIP companies face the necessity to differentiate clearly the destination priority among vendors. Let us take as an example the case when a customer is interested in certain termination points with high voice quality.

An advanced algorithm of dynamic routing is implemented in Mediacore system to tackle this task. In addition to the existent routing scheme of termination and origination points Access Level feature was implemented, which allows deterministic routing. Access Level feature offers more flexible and selective routing management, efficient control over the possibility of calls for some groups of customers or vendors/ destinations.