Turnkey VoIP Solution vs Custom Integration: Benefits and Differences

Turnkey VoIP Solution

It is not uncommon for business leaders to encounter the build vs buy dilemma when planning to implement a new enterprise software solution. Nowhere is this more apparent than the area of business communication where organizational leaders are constantly bombarded with several Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) system options. Forbes reports that the VoIP market is growing exponentially as nearly 40% of businesses have switched their traditional phone systems for industry-standard VoIP service.

Ultimately, VoIP carrier organizations need to balance their existing business requirements with long-term growth potential before deciding on whether to use business resources to develop a software platform or leverage a turnkey solution. Whether you are looking at something customized or a turnkey VoIP solution, you must determine exactly what you want the software to accomplish and the processes that it will follow.

By determining your VoIP software objectives, you can suss out specific issues you want to address and ensure that the chosen solution is working towards helping you improve existing processes. Once you understand your business requirements and how your VoIP software solves this, it is time to consider your options. This article will walk you through the difference between a turnkey VoIP system and custom integration and provide you its differences and benefits to help you find the most ideal platform for your business.

What is a Turnkey VoIP Solution?

A turnkey VoIP solution is a ready-to-go full package VoIP platform that can be deployed and implemented easily in any business operation. With a dynamic turnkey VoIP solution, you can provide ongoing support, create more efficient workflows, and enhance overall productivity. Usually, VoIP service providers develop these solutions with an aim at addressing unique requirements that are often targeted towards specific organizations and companies.

The advantage of a turnkey VoIP platform is it can save you money in the long term since service providers usually use an off-the-shelf solution. This is in contrast to a bespoke VoIP platform which needs constant alterations and particular components to meet specific business requirements. A ready-to-go VoIP software is often cloud-based and comes with a dedicated support throughout every stage of your operations.

This is especially helpful for VoIP carriers that do not have a strong team of development specialists or programmers. Your solution provider will also provide your employees with initial training sessions and support on how to use the software effectively. Thus, saving you the cost of hiring a software expert and allowing you to focus on business matters that positively impact your bottom line.

What is a Custom Integration?

A custom VoIP software solution is a VoIP system that is specially developed to meet unique business requirements. With custom integration, you can dictate how you want your VoIP to look and its overall performance when implemented in real-life scenarios. By using a software that is specifically designed to meet your needs, your team can perform their task quicker and more efficiently while simultaneously increasing overall productivity.

On the flip side, it can be too costly and often requires constant maintenance on your part to ensure that it performs desired processes. Depending on your VoIP software’s complexity, this can mean spending extra dollars to hire experts to maintain your solution and ensure that it won’t fail in the most opportune time.

Besides software maintenance, opting for a custom VoIP solution also increases the risk of you having to rewrite your software if your technology becomes obsolete. Although it has made an indelible mark in business communication, VoIP is still a developing technology. This means that it is susceptible to changes and committing to a custom VoIP platform may limit your opportunities of adopting innovative features that would improve your business processes.

Why Choose a Turnkey VoIP Solution?

There are several advantages that come with opting for a turnkey VoIP platform but perhaps the most significant benefits include efficient time management, quicker deployment, free or reduced upgrades, and lower upfront costs. It may also be appropriate for VoIP carriers to opt for turnkey solutions in the following situations.

You Want a Tried-and-Tested Platform

Most custom VoIP platforms encounter issues like choppy and low-quality audio that could reduce business productivity. Unlike custom VoIP, a turnkey solution is tried-and-tested, meaning it would be uncommon for you to experience longer downtimes. They are also brimming with reviews and case studies that prove the software’s ability to perform specific processes uninterruptedly.

You Don’t Have Time

Building a custom VoIP takes time, effort, and constant monitoring from your part to complete successfully. This can mean having to give up the time you would otherwise use in generating profits to ensure that the right components are being installed into your VoIP platform to meet specific requirements. Opting for a turnkey VoIP platform allows you to concentrate on your business since it can be implemented easily and are updated by your provider.

You Want to Save Money

Cost savings is another reason for opting for a turnkey internal VoIP phone system. Dissimilar to custom VoIP, a turnkey solution is designed to service numerous companies, meaning you will only spend less than necessary since the costs are shouldered by other subscribers. This can be a sensible option for businesses which don’t have to address specific needs or does not require a full-scale digital transformation.

How to Choose a Turnkey VoIP Solution?

Choosing a turnkey VoIP solution can be challenging since you have to compare and select the right VoIP software features to find a solution that supports your business objectives. A rule of thumb is to analyze your company’s strengths and weaknesses and determine how your chosen VoIP solution can address these issues. Taking into account the individuals who will be using the platform will also narrow your options and ensure that the chosen software is easy to navigate and does not require in-depth and complex training.

You may also have to calculate the long-term costs of the turnkey solution and ensure that you are not signing up for a service with several hidden costs. Always clarify with the provider if they charge you for additional features or future software upgrades. Usually, the best turnkey VoIP providers offer all-inclusive features and charge on a per-feature basis.

Although there is no one-size-fits-all VoIP system, you must ensure that your turnkey solution is geared with collaboration tools and dynamic call management capabilities. Having these features handy allows your employees to meet, interact, and work remotely uninterruptedly and ensure that your calls for your business to run smoothly.

Takeaway: Improving Services with Turnkey VoIP Platforms

The VoIP traffic is increasing with experts projecting a considerable surge in phone-to-phone VoIP services in the coming years. Therefore, VoIP carriers must take advantage of proven turnkey VoIP software solutions to eliminate silos, reduce errors, prevent downtime and ensure continuous business operations. One of the leading VoIP solutions used by VoIP carriers to enhance their service operations, and ensure effective call routing is Speedflow’s MediaCore SBC.

MediaCore SBC is a user-friendly yet powerful VoIP platform designed to help VoIP carriers optimize their voice and SMS operations, gain complete control over profit opportunities and overall call quality, and grow their business. It is packed with dynamic functionalities like advanced billing, comprehensive VoIP routing, revenue assurance, transcoding, and automation, which work conjointly to deliver exceptional telecommunication services. MediaCore SBC also offers an in-depth product demonstration in addition to its quote-based pricing packages.


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