Let’s talk about MediaCore at ITW 2022, Washington, DC.

Let's have a talk about MediaCore at ITW 2022

Meet our delegates at the 15th International Telecoms Week in 2022!  Let’s have a talk about MediaCore.

It will take place at the Gaylord National Resort & Convention Center in National Harbor, MD, near Washington, DC.  

We are excited to have the chance to talk about MediaCore—our carrier-grade VoIP platform specifically designed for voice and SMS traffic. It is a full-fledged VoIP solution.

First thing to remember – the platform optimizes, upgrades, and secures the infrastructure of carriers. 

It is designed to run in extreme conditions. The spikes in the huge amount of wholesale VoIP traffic might cause such uneasiness. This includes CC traffic. VoIP providers can automate the majority of their work routines with our Class 4 VoIP platform. Furthermore, you should increase your productivity by a factor of ten.  

In addition, we provide a variety of license options. This covers both flexible monthly membership options and a one-time purchase of a lifetime license. Above all, carriers can select the model that best suits their needs.   

Moreover, we developed The Guardian! A trusted and effective Revenue Assurance Mechanism.   

Most importantly, The Guardian maintains a record of and supervises the traffic of carriers. Any abnormalities or questionable destinations are detected. Notifications are sent to both vendors and technical support. Before any harm is done, the situation can be resolved. In conclusion, it detects VoIP fraud schemes, thus preventing revenue loss.

We’ve established a good reputation among national and international VoIP wholesale carriers and retail providers as a reliable partner. 

Through passion and new ideas, Speedflow strives to be a better partner! 

At the beginning of March, we committed to helping a small quota of companies! How?   

With a well-thought-out mentor programme, of course: MediaCore Mentor Programme 2022! In a professional, academic, and fulfilling experience that is beneficial for both companies and their employees. It is important to realize, that our FREE financial resources are limited! Enroll in our programme as soon as possible!   

With our MediaCore Mentor Programme 2022, you get our professional team, available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, responding to any queries you may have in real-time. In addition, professional practice sessions are provided at no cost to you, for one individual or your entire team, at your convenience. 

If you ever have questions about what to do or how to accomplish it, we are here to assist you. Not to mention, for the next six months, you will receive all of it for free!  

Do you want to meet us at ITW? 

Let’s talk about the possibility of a mutually beneficial partnership in VoIP and SMS traffic exchange. You will be able to get detailed information about the latest release of our class 4 solution.  Furthermore, its amazing benefits if you enroll in our MediaCore Mentor Programee 2022.  

See first-hand why VoIP and SMS providers choose MediaCore.   

Schedule a meeting with our team, by contacting info@speedflow.com   


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